America is Experiencing the Dangerous lead in the Capitalist-industrial Era Trending Assault on Marriage

parenting-through-divorceWith each generation in Post Civil War America, a greater percentage of parents divorced, and, as a result, a greater percentage of children were raised by single parents. What do we know about children raised in the aftermath of divorce?

We know that the majority of single parent homes are working mothers raising children. We know that a greater percentage of their daughters, lacking self-esteem from the absence of fathers, practice promiscuity to regain a sense of belonging. We know that young boys, troubled from their lack of a father, have a higher tendency to multiple factors of delinquency.

We also know that children from divorced parents are a third less likely to marry themselves but to choose cohabitation or living singly, that those that do marry are more likely to marry as teens and to marry other children of divorced parents. We also know that that their marriages are more likely to end in divorce, and that spouses who both come from divorced families are 300% more likely to end in divorce than those who both came from families in which divorce was not present.

This divorce and cohabitation cycle then becomes intergenerational. Each generation that this pattern exists causes more people to live in cohabitation and more to divorce. The intergenerational divorce trend’s asymptotic trend is fortunately slowed by a decreasing marriage rate, a delay in marriage age, and an increase in cohabitation before marriage, as each generation defiantly vows not to repeat the mistakes of their parents.

Yet here we are raising half our children in single parent homes. For blacks, who started further up the curve, the figure is a staggering 72%. What is the impact of this phenomenon? The inflationary crippling of the value of labor created through America’s currency manipulation makes living in a home with only one income a difficult economic choice. Yet, women’s entrance into the workforce was met with resistance and their work is paid 20% less than men’s, even when taking into account their work gender clusters which are paid less than men’s. And their career choices are hindered by single mother circumstances. As a result, 63% of single mother homes live below America’s poverty line.

Divorce begets poverty begets cohabitation begets more divorce. Poverty forces people to choose cohabitation and marriage at younger ages to meet financial needs. Cohabitation is favored when financial needs are immediate and marriage commitment is uncertain. Whether in marriage or in cohabitation, the first child is born within a median of two years. The median is sooner lower income families. Therefore a correlation of poverty, cohabitation, and out of wedlock children increases as the intergenerational cycle expands.

Add to a higher starting point of Blacks after slavery the financial oppression of post Civil War, and the resulting 500% disparity of Blacks in extreme poverty conditions in our inner cities for reasons enumerated in previous posts, the reasons for subcultural patterns of cohabitation and divorce become clearer.

I have avoided the divorce issue throughout this thread because it is a topic that should have its very own deep, deep discussion, and because I am far from expert on the subject. Yet it seems clear that individuals, classes, races, ethnic groups and other factions that take comfort in their relative lower position on the trend line of divorce and other marital norms should, I say emphatically, not.

Where we as nation are headed along this trend line away from the social patterns that have represented social stability for millennia toward the experiment in self actualization is anyone’s guess, yet we are all trending.

During the Viet Nam war, each man in the platoon would take their turn walking in front of the others on point during patrols. Their odds of survival dramatically decreased during their turn. As the leader in the capitalist-industrial era of societal shift toward self-actualization, America is has been placed by the lieutenants in our platoon in this war against marriage, on point.

Yep, blacks in the inner city are on the fragging point of marriage. It doesn’t bode well for the rest of us. And how we adjust our economic system on their behalf and for the rest of us will have dramatic consequences for the trajectory of the American family.

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