Pareto Optimization is the Tool for the Thriving Path Forward

Pareto optimal negotiations is the way to solve our nation’s problems, sensible, honorable men and women meeting to debate, to share experiences and knowledge, and to find common ground. Our Congress will not learn to utilize Pareto optimization until our nation in general retreats from hand to hand verbal combat back to this more time honored solution.

In the aftermath of WWII, America enjoyed an immense economic expansion in which the middle class participated in a growing share of America’s growing profits. But as we approached the divisive Viet Nam War, labor strength had grown too powerful for management’s taste. An outcome of management’s retreat was a stalemate of domestic power sharing in the U.S. as corporations instead grew their power internationally.

Congress simply mirrored this power struggle. After Viet Nam, Congress became more and more mired in dissension. As the public fought for financial equity, Congress dug in through gerrymandering and corporatism. Yet for all, an uneasy political and economic peace was kept through an unrealistic, debt manufactured, seeming economic boom. By the time the boom busted, both the public and Congress had lived through decades of uncompromising political stalemate.

We had forgotten the art of statesmanship. We had forgotten how to conduct Pareto Optimal negotiation. The result of the onslaught of corporate offshoring invading and capturing middle class wealth and power, in our financially opium induced state of stupor, was that we had allowed the most vitriolic of wealth seeking, career politicians to invade and create anti-vote, defensive bulwarks within our Congress.

Outside Washington’s beltway, we also allowed the most caustic of voices to represent the nation. But while these voices aligned with our government mechanics and amplified disturbing extremist views, they hadn’t yet had an impact on our everyday lives while the false boom lasted.

Now, after the economic implosion, we are in the sad position of having to painfully relearn the truth. Extremist views both inside and out of Washington do not represent the views of Middle America and they do not represent the thriving path forward. We must return to centrist progression to fix the problems confronting our nation. We must wholly reject the extremist dogma that permeates today’s politics and return to the sound judgment that rests with the quieted vast middle.

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