Ah the Ignorant Bliss of Centrism

Centrists are the ones most suited for happiness in the world. For progressives are enamored with their vision of how the world should be. It typically gets around to it in its own time but the world’s time is measured in generations, much too slowly for a progressive to find satisfaction. Instead, they must congregate with like minds and sneer back at the ignorance of our bourgeoisie existence, all the while hoping for a convergence of events that will catapult society into a revolutionary enlightenment. Since these are one hundred year events, most progressives gnarl their teeth and live on in disgruntled anticipation.

Conservatives, on the other hand, continually harken back to times when all was right in the world and shake their heads in disbelief that what once is no more. Each time the world pendulum swings back in the conservative direction, as it does with regularity, conservatives hope that the world has come to its senses. Yet these are simply moments of reprieve for the centrists from the radical pace of change that progressives attempt when given the reins. There will be no revival toward a retreat from progress. Therefore, conservatives are filled with remorse and pity for a world gone mad.

But for the centrist, the world has the balance of a reed in the wind, blowing East in the morning and West in the evening. The Centrists have learned throughout the ages to live within the extremes, allowing the progressives a time to bring in new life with the incoming tides, and then giving the conservatives a time to cleanse the water of debris with the outgoing tides.

Neither party tolerates us well, showing disdain for our tepid, luke warm stances. Yet we are the ones most adept at living in a world destined to change but to change slowly. For while the extremes of low and high tide political types gnash their teeth for either rapid change or time standing still, we go on with our lives, raising our families, attending our picnics, and churches, and other social gatherings, and living quite contently in the imperfect moment.

It is only at times like now when the party extremes screw up our lives so much with failed politics and economics that we must focus on where the problems lie and we are called upon to grind up the evil doers in haste. Only then can we go back to our ignorant bliss and enjoy the intimacy of our lives.

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