Perhaps We Will Catch the Lil’ Piggy in 2014

Sigh…some Democrats now say that the Tea Party is Dead! Long live the King Democrats. Since housing peaked in 2005 and America woke up to a sonic boom of the air being popped out of our economic future, the election cycle has been a back and forth caldron of voting with the American middle attempting to catch our country’s politics that has somehow eluded us for the past four elections like a greased pig at a rodeo.

After each election, the Party faithful come out all braggadocio about their accomplishments and about how the other side is dead forevermore. Neither seems a bit interested in looking behind them at the vast middle of America who is wildly running about on the rodeo floor with outstretched arms attempting to corral the politics of extremism into a pen of collaboration and compromise.

We have attempted once more to brandish a flag of reason above the rooting snouts of our piggish Parties yet they will not look up toward the sky of ideas and ideals, favoring the pungent odors of power and selfish goals instead.

The Tea Party is no more dead than the Republicans or Democrats. Yet a country cannot be governed by a singular fiscal goal no matter its import. And the people will catch this little greased pig that just so happened to have dodged our grasp to the left this time after having scurried to the right in 2010. We will have our country prosper in spite of our political parties’ obsessions with the truffles of power that retards our progress. This little piggy went weeeeeee wweeeeee weeeeeee all the way to its dream that it has reached its promised land. Wake up little Piggy, wake up!

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