Could America’s Political Parties be Mad?

A while back, I wrote that America’s government is the brain of the body politic. I stated that our federal government does not act in the best interest of our citizens and therefore acts as a brain that dissociates with the body, a symptom that qualifies it as mentally ill. Now I continue that analogy by confirming that our government is composed basically from two political parties, two brain lobes so to speak.

If America’s brain can be mentally ill, it follows that the lobes of the brain can be classified as mentally ill as well. If the entirety of our government that acts against the will of the people is made of two political parties that also act against the will of the people, then these dissociating lobes, each political party could be defined as mentally ill as well.

Psychologists say that politics attracts a certain type of mentally disordered person, the psychopathic narcissist. The psychopathic narcissist seeks to provide self-happiness through the manipulation of others. His moral sense is inhibited by a lack of empathy. Democrats point to Romney’s now famous secret video about the 47% as a rare public view of the Republican pathology. Americans also know that Democrats have a similar lack of empathy, even if like Bigfoot, it goes undocumented, for this is the nature of the politician.

In fact, we rarely see the inner soul of our political parties and only when their realities are exposed by dramatic circumstances. Election night was one such moment for the Republicans who most assuredly thought right up until the end that they would win the hearts of Americans through their sheer charm. In the harsh light of the election light, we saw the pain and shame of Karl Rove and Dick Morris for having strategically led their party over the cliff.

The night of the first debate was another such public melt down exposing a party’s inner soul, but this time it was the Democrats. Until the debate when the President appeared aloof and disengaged, the party’s reality was that their leader was bulldogging America to bow to his party’s views. In the moments after the debate, party leaders and talking heads alike lashed out in disbelief.

For the narcissist, these real and vulnerable moments cannot be allowed to last because they expose his inner weaknesses to himself. When pitted, one narcissist party against the other, they quickly assert their grandiosity so that these rare moments of raw vulnerability do not detract from their delusion of grandness.

That is why the day after the first debate, after the Democrat Party collected itself, it turned to an all out barrage against Romney about his 47% remarks. And now, a mere two days after the election, having regrouped from the devastating loss, Republicans are pounding out one unified voice about the atrocity of Benghazi.

Are either of these all-consuming foci of our Political Parties what Americans would say should be their priorities? No, of course not! Not that it isn’t important to have a thorough investigation of the events of Benghazi, but an investigation shouldn’t consume the entire energy of one lobe of America’s brain. We have way too many real issues of critical importance. But when the brain is ill, it cannot help but focus obsessively on what is important to it alone.

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