America’s Sky is not Falling

In the closing moments of the 2012 election, Karl Rove was seen on Fox News speaking to the Romney campaign about Ohio results. In that moment, Rove found himself in the void his ego used to inhabit. He could not believe that his vision of America’s current direction was flawed. His blood in the water will now draw the Republican sharks. For a period, we will see a slugfest in the Republican Party as internal factions attempt to thrust forward their realities.

I’m reminded of the movie “Flubber” in which the protagonist Robin Williams accidently drops a little ball of green goo on the floor and it immediately bounces and shoots to the ceiling and walls in a violent and chaotic frenzy in all directions.

We have heard from Rush that the Republican Party has lost the soul of America, that it has fallen to socialism. Boinggggg goes the Flubber….

Settle down Republicans. Barack Obama won this election by the slimmest popular vote margin of ANY presidential re-election of any in the HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES…… In several Presidential elections in which both candidates were not incumbents, the winner of the Electoral College was not the winner of the popular vote. The 2000 election was one of those few exceptions and was unique in its use of the Supreme Court as well. However, 2012 was the election that will go down in history (unless final tallies state otherwise) as the re-election of an incumbent in which his popular vote won by the very slimmest margin in history.

(for this reason alone, I suggest that every vote be counted because President Bush only beat President Obama’s historically low by about 2/100 of a percent. However, no other re-election result even comes close)

This is not to diminish the victory of President Obama, only to diminish the hand wringing amongst Republicans that somehow America has, under the leftwing leadership of a liberal administration, run headlong into the arms of socialism. This was not a mandate for radicalism. It was a practical decision of hurting Americans to keep social nets in place as we work through the tough issues of reconstructing our economy.

The Republicans, Karl Rove famously included, missed the overriding factor that Americans will vote for food stamps over the slim potential of a better job market in the near term when 46 million Americans need them to live.

The sky has not fallen on the American way of life. Yes, demographics are changing and the Republicans better find a way to build a bigger tent. Yes, Americans temporarily are leaning on our social net until we can catch our breath from how big a mess our financial brethren screwed up capitalism. But (and this is a big but) if we can repair capitalism’s flaws and both parties can work together to put America before their petty interests this term, all bets are off in 2016. Come back Republicans with your social issues intact, modified for the tent stretch, and duke it out for an economically healthier America’s heart strings once again.

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