The Political Machine is a Frog Cooker

The collective power for change ultimately rests with the public and therefore some point to our failure for letting such political parades continue but there are barriers to entry that make the obvious voting solution for change a contankerous one.

Political parties hijacked the political process long ago. Votes are parsed along various social interests and Parties take opposite and extreme positions along these battle lines to split the electorate. Then candidates are chosen by the parties for their puppeting of these highly differentiated party lines to acquire voting majorities. From these slim majorities in the legislature, party bosses control ongoing votes down tthe party lines.

Campaign dollars collected by the parties then flood small segments of society and narrow, battleground geographies to persuade the votes of those that cannot otherwise be captured with these extremist techniques. After narrowly winning slim majorities, the winning party claims a right to vote down these same party line extremes. And from the vantage of these winning positions, parties then elicit billions of dollars from donors that obtain behind the scenes votes for financial gain from which slivers of profits can be re-introduced into the political machines to continue funding extremist campaign policies.

This machinery is a barrier to entry for those that might otherwise vote out the bastards in hopes of changing a country’s direction for the betterment of the economy and the vast middle class. So when the frog of the middle class electorate is exposed to the rising temperatures of the pot of political water such as described above, it is very difficult indeed for an unorganized groundswell movement of electorate to overcome such party politics through the mere act of voting.

Certainly, movements like the Tea Party and OWS can rise up, especially when both are funded behind the scenes by powerful monied interests, but seldom in history do we see ground swell movements overcome party politics. It can be done, usually as the water reaches a boiling point, but by that time the frog might be dead.

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