We Watch as Modern Rome Burns

In times of great crisis, one man can embody the waves of change that transform a nation and that can singlehandedly place his party on the pinnacle of perceived righteousness that propels them for decades in the seat of power. If the Republicans were to ensure that no man could FDR this nation into two score years of their anathema of European socialism, they had to fall on their swords in an all out attempt to defame Obama. This was more than the man. It was a moment to thwart destiny’s grab at America’s experiment.

The Republican party determined in 2008 that if Obama was successful at turning around the economy, the American public would deify the Democrat party and propel them to another 40 years in the White House. The cynical view would be that Republicans were willing to sell out America to stop such a generational power grab that similarly occurred as a result of the Great Depression. A more philosophical view (while not judging either view as more correct) is that the Republicans were willing to spend a huge amount of their political capital, even throwing the entirety of the Congress into ill repute, to ensure that America was saved from European socialism.

For every action, there is a reaction. The last four years ensured that history would not be repeated. This would not be another FDR moment. The Republican Congress would dull the crisis response and mollify the American public’s love for its administrators. No god would rise from the ashes of this capitalist crash. Obama would be downtrodden by the Roman Senate for the good of the people.

It is no wonder in this catacomb of political responsibility that Obama would fight his way with more proclamations and executive orders than any other elected head of Republican state since the ancient Romans. For every action, there is a reaction. I do not fault either side for firmly standing by their convictions. However, as a result, we all get to watch our modern Rome burn.

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