Romney 1 – Obama 0

What a difference a day makes….Before last night’s election, the unemployed were ready to hand President Obama the reins for another four years. Mitt Romney’s plans were too complicated and vague, and seemed too much like a repeat of the Bush era. But for those of us old enough to distinctly remember Bush Senior’s first debate with Bill Clinton, last night’s performance by the President was eerily reminiscent of Bush’s lackluster performance.

Americans then decided that Four years had burned out the President’s resolve to see it through, let him go and hired a new President. America is now questioning whether four years of the worst economic times America has seen since the Depression may have beaten up President Obama. Romney was prepared and landed political blows. The President appeared defensive and listless. Romney was able to talk candidly and clearly to the unemployed who will single handedly decide the fate of the election. He made points and won net votes.

For the President to win, he will have to rally those closest to him to regenerate his esteem and to dig within his inner character to why he is still seeking the highest office in America. In addition, he may just need a game changer like my jobs voucher plan for his incumbency is on the ropes. Will anyone push a bold plan in October to make a step change in the direction the electorate will vote? My plan could help the Democrats change that course, and they will definitely need it if the President doesn’t scrape off his debate rust. It is available to either party who will take it to capture 2012.

For details of my jobs plan, download my free book at

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