Advice to President Obama from a Middle American That Cares More About Jobs Than Politics…

President Obama has to be convinced through his allegiant social media supporters that he has a much better alternative to win re-election than his current strategy of pushing a weak jobs bill onto an embattled Congress just to have it fail to amass enough votes to pass so that he can then campaign against “do nothing Republicans”.

His current strategy will be heavily countered by Republicans that may partially pass some of his provisions to show that they are working with him. The effect of his bill however, even if Congress passed all the provisions, would be a negligible increase in jobs and might even trap him just as his stimulus package did before, because he might have to explain why it didn’t have any appreciable difference due to being implemented just as the economy was entering into a second dip recession. No, his current strategy will be doggedly dragged through the dumpster of politics before the elections so following it will surely cause him, and his not so merry band of Democrats, to lose in 2012.

If, on the other hand, President Obama tries to go around Congress with executive orders and proclamations as I have suggested, but with left of center policies that attempt to create Keynesian gains through an additional tax burden, Congress will simply refuse to fund his orders and the Republicans will gain fodder to defeat him in the 2012 elections.

Instead, President Obama must issue bold, sweeping executive orders and proclamations that change history, yet that can be claimed to be taxpayer neutral and that therefore cannot be claimed by Congress to be beyond the President’s fiscal authority. My job voucher plan is revenue neutral. Forcing banks to accept equity in exchange for marking down housing debt is revenue neutral. Forcing rating agencies to provide credit amnesty is revenue neutral.

These three bold policies are grand opportunities to create simultaneous, revenue neutral , but implementable dynamos to quickly turn our ailing economy. Yet they are totally defendable against Congress’s whine, and they will quickly bring hope to the American people, swinging momentum of the 2012 election in favor of the Democrats, and giving President Obama four more years to change the course of history.

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