Gold Will be the Electric Starter of the New World Order

I no longer cut a lawn, preferring to live the condo by the seashore lifestyle. However, when I began my lawn cutting phase as an adult, I sat on an 18HP John Deer tractor. How much nicer it was to start and run than the power, walk behind lawn mower of my father’s that I started by pulling a cord attached to a spring coil starter to engage the gasoline powered engine. How much easier his was than the mechanical blade mower powered by human pushing that I used to cut my grandfather’s lawn every summer when we visited.

Human powered lawn mowers still exist today but think of how much less grass would be cut if we had to go back to using them throughout the world. How much less grass would be planted, how much less watering and fertilizing would occur? To get back to a world fully manicured and adorned with seas of short, systematically cut and aligned blends of Rye and Bermuda grasses, uniformly greened by additives, and rid of pesky bugs by sprayed on poisons after having to revert the entire world to mechanical push mowers, well that just sounds disastrous.

But what if there were a few industrious persons that hoarded some engine starters in stockpiles so that after all the gasoline powered mowers were taken from the earth and replaced with push mowers and the world’s most lush lawn nations had long since been overgrown with weeds, perhaps these industrious persons could triumphantly bring out these saving graces and restart certain oases of cultivated lawns once again. What if by hoarding these mower starters, they could eventually regenerate an entire region of lawn cutters?

After the world capitulates to a collapse of the fiat money system, the new order will either revert to the manual push mowers of much less commerce and trade or they will be rescued by the electric starters of a new money system. Unfortunately, the electric starter that all nations will rely on as a trustworthy trading commodity will be that of the world before Bretton Woods, GOLD.

China has understood this end game and has created entire cities to mine this precious commodity. China now is producing more gold than any other nation, and she is buying more than any other as well in preparation for the collapsed economy. The dollar, the Euro, and the Yen are all bloated by debt and the world wonders how our fiat currencies will survive. At some point, when the first chicken blinks, we might find that gold is once again the only answer.


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2 responses to “Gold Will be the Electric Starter of the New World Order

  1. But we cannot eat gold, nor power our energy machine. The push mowers on the other hand have value.

    • Very true. Somehow at the height of our consumerism, seas of manicured green seemed to add value but perhaps the sum total of our suburban sprawl will be plowed under for plots of green beans and squash, so we won’t need push mowers but pull plows instead. When I visited Poland right after their freedom, everyone in town had an urban garden to manage after their day job. Lawns take on a more frivolous tone when food distribution is lax.

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