Top Ten List From Lost Gilligan’s Island Episode 99

10.On every Recession Island, there are smart people working on ideas for recovery. They might have good ideas worth hearing (You know we all thought the professor was pretty smart.)

9. Our Skippers typically need professors, and get into trouble when they try to fly the bamboo plane one their own.

8. The long, low, and steady flight off Recession Island is not as sexy as a vertical high flying coconut burn, but we will more likely land on Recovery Peninsula and not in the salty drink.

7. For every practical Mary Anne trying to do the right thing, there are Gingers doing their own thing.

6. A commitment to getting off Recession Island takes more than political speeches and chucking yesterday’s dresses. While we bicker over why the coconuts are running out, the tortoise engine is sputtering.

5. If the Howell’s trunk had been full of useful coconuts instead of worthless fiat money, it would have been a valuable commodity instead of ballast.

4. We will always have the Howells with us. They just need to understand we all need a seat on the plane.

3. Using all our coconut oil to feed a Ponzi may make the economic tortoise engine fly high for a bit but it is not a prescription for a soft landing.

2. Nothing happens when we fly higher past false debt ceilings but America’s plane is bamboo and it will absolutely obey the Professor’s Island law of physics. Bamboo planes can only go so high on coconut oil before they death spiral. It is time to make a drastic course correction.

1. The difference between Recession Island and Recovery Peninsula is that on Recession Island we can be content trading coconuts for bamboo stuff, while on Recovery Island we feel entitled to a limitless sky.

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