The Wealthy Support CO2 Escalation

What an abundant element this carbon is and yet what trouble it presents the world. So many deaths have occurred trying to control it. Japan was forced into world war with the U.S. in 1941 when we refused its transfer in the form of oil to aid her imperialism. African nations have been at civil war over the diamonds created by its compression. The world possibly is being whipped into a cataclysmic frenzy of environmental destruction by its combustion. And mankind seemingly is accelerating our corruption of the environment with carbon to create, concentrate and defend wealth from others.

Man’s accelerant for creating value has been the combustion of carbon. Thankfully prior to the industrial age, the earth was able to capture CO2 faster than man could contribute it. However, since the early 1900’s, as industries and transportation have escalated combustion, disasters have been escalating both in size and number in correlation to the excess CO2 contributed by man.

Whether there is cause and effect of creating wealth through carbon combustion and the apparent destruction of the world’s environment however is of little consequence. Great concentration of wealth requires great emission of CO2, and political and business powers will continue to accelerate CO2 production to consolidate the world’s wealth. To accelerate their wealth creation, they will continue to globalize wealth creating (carbon burning) assets to producers many miles and oceans away from the ultimate consumers, and will exacerbate carbon combustion through greater distribution distances.

Carbon changes will continue to impact us at both the macro level (wealth creation) and at the micro level (health). The human body needs to consume carbon to live and the brain has a set point that tells us to exhale when carbon reaches its upper limits in our blood stream. A quarter of the world will die as this exhaling mechanism fails us and we slowly suffocate to death through the ravages of COPD brought on through years of inhaling carbon from the tobacco industry.

We know that man’s internal set point for carbon in the bloodstream has been constant for millions of years but so has his lower set point. On a macro level it appears that higher atmospheric CO2 is causing global melting. On a micro level, what is it doing to the molecular workings of the human being? Since environmental CO2 has edged slightly higher in the air we breathe, what has that done in evolutionary terms to our body systems? Our industrial revolution has not given the world much time to compensate, e.g. melting polar ice caps, and what have living organisms been able to do to compensate for its detrimental effects?

Whether or not carbon combustion is destroying our ecosystem or our biological compensation, this element carbon in its liquid form will be the engine of mass transfers of wealth and world destabilization for years to come. The international banking system will continue to support capital flow in pursuit of carbon transfers. And quantitative easing II has only helped to clear a temporary but sizable log jam in that transfer system while destabilizing America’s future.

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