Ron Paul is America’s Winston Churchill

It has been said of Winston Churchill that while he did not win the war, World War II most certainly would have been lost without him. During the war, President Roosevelt called him the most important man on earth. And yet, for a decade prior to the war, Churchill was sent out into the political wilderness by his party and country. His staunch, bull dogged, steadfast ideas were not yet right for his time.

During the thirties, as Germany’s war machine increasingly telegraphed its war intentions to the world, Churchill continued to speak out against the Nazis only to be labeled a warmonger by the appeasing British leadership. When war finally fell upon Europe, Churchill was once again called back into service and led the world through one of its greatest crises in history.

The United States is now facing a greater threat than at any time since that war. We are in great need of our Churchill who will unite both political parties to defeat the enemy of our time. The world must only turn a few degrees more on its political axis for America to finally align with the steadfast political views of Congressman Ron Paul. Like Churchill, Ron’s message has been steadfast and is the remedy for America’s return from the abyss.

His views are the prescription for America, albeit complex and interconnected. They are not a simple pill that will quickly bring us back to health and they must be adhered to holistically. His policies cannot be deduced to sound bites. Each component is critically interrelated and requires a disciplined analysis. As Churchill’s expensive conservative hawkish rearming prescriptions were understandably sidelined by the British people during the midst of the Great Depression, it is also understandable that Ron Paul’s holistic cost cutting prescriptions would be sidelined by the press, the opposition, and even his own party during America’s seemingly prosperous previous bubble decades.

As our baby boomer and borrowing fueled bubble economy seemed to prosper during the previous three decades, Ron’s stern warnings for America seemed ill placed, especially when our leadership pointed toward the shining city on the hill and dismissed his message as irrational. Amongst the noise of complex issues we faced, it was no wonder that the American People placed him to the side of national politics. Yet during this time of faux prosperity, Ron prophesied about rising debts, rising trade agreement imbalances, rising trade deficits, rising job losses, rising inflation, rising unfunded Federal budgets, rising Medicare and Social Security differentials, rising Fed abuses, rising military costs, rising federal work forces, rising anti-sentiment for dollar reserve currency, and rising gold prices.

As Great Britain hoped in the 1930’s that appeasement of Germany would allow England to escape the cost and aggressive stance of military preparedness, America hoped that our political leadership would steer us clear of the coming financial crisis that increasingly telegraphed its inevitable certainty. Churchill’s best prescription was plucked from political obscurity to lead Great Britain miraculously out of certain defeat. It is now Ron Paul’s destiny to implement the holistic prescription that he has contemplated for decades. It is time for America to finally fully contemplate Congressman Ron Paul’s hopeful solution.

What is the complex crisis in which America finds itself and what is Congressman Paul’s equally complex but holistic prescription?

Years of excessive government budgets have slowed our GDP growth below its ability to support our growing work force.

For three decades, multinational corporations have escalated direct foreign investment, transferred jobs overseas, and returned low price foreign goods, causing escalating trade deficits, government and private debt, and unemployment compensation.

Our government gave multinational corporations free trade agreements, tax incentives and R&D subsidies that created and transferred innovations overseas, further eliminating jobs in America.

Our Congress continues to spend 80 percent more than it taxes the American public. Our election process and Fed allows Congress to spend without managing our exploding debt.

A private consortium of banks runs the Federal Reserve and supports Congress’s irresponsible spending by printing money. It creates inflation, a silent tax that hurts our seniors and poor the most.

Our Social Security and Medicare entitlements that had 40 workers per retiree when enacted, now has only 3. In their current form, they are unsustainable.

America spends more than the entire rest of the world on defense. Yet given realities of modern warfare, we do not need 700 foreign bases.

Without intervention, America’s housing crisis will drag the country through stagflation for another decade.

Ron’s steadfast, decades-long prescription includes:
• Reducing the size of government now
• Amend the constitution to require a balanced budget.
• Protect our position as the world’s reserve currency by balancing the budget
• Live within our means and begin to reduce the debt
• Reduce and reform taxes to support domestic business investment and job growth, and that provides enough
capital for future GDP growth
• Reduce our military budget to protect America from Invasion and provide for technology improvements ahead of
our enemies.
• Eliminate the majority of our foreign military bases
• Use extreme vigilance to ensure our military is not used for non-national security purposes.
• Reorganize or eliminate the Fed so that printing of money will not be an option to cover taxing short falls and
that artificial inflation will be eliminated
• Create more efficient and cost effective solutions for employment than massive government stimulations that
exacerbate our Federal debt.
• Correct the home mortgage crisis by reforming bankruptcy laws to allow home mortgages to be reduced to the
market value of the home so that the housing market can once again operate efficiently.
• Eliminate incentives to obfuscate the American public by making all government actions transparent, like
ensuring that all Federal spending is on budget, and that the Fed transparently reports the M3 money supply.
• Eliminate or minimize Government manipulations of markets that create inefficiencies and loss of jobs. Unions
should not be restricted from organizing but should not get special treatment. Subsidies should be eliminated if
possible. Minimum wage should be eliminated and social protections should be covered in other ways.
• Eliminate multinational corporation low cost loans.
• Redirect R&D funding on small businesses that create more jobs for America.
• Significantly reduce our overseas budget of over a trillion dollars while our economy is in crisis. Foreign aid
should be reduced or eliminated. The Koreas that were forced apart by Russia and the U.S. should be
allowed to reunite. Nation building should cease.
• Eliminate government intervention of the medical industry that hinders competition.
• Eliminate departments like the Department of Education that should be managed by the States.

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