America Must Now Repay the French with Our Support of the Libyan Freedom Fighters

There are those in America and elsewhere that claim America has no right to enter the sovereign space of a country to determine the outcome of its civil war.  They claim that America’s time as the policeman to the world has ended, and it is time to get our own house in order.  While I do not disagree that our economy is in disarray and that our main focus should be to revive our economy, I fear we will make a grave historical error if America does not voice its alliance with the freedom movement ongoing in Northern Africa with a show of military support, if only to enforce a no fly zone.

Rather than the right to determine the outcome, we have the obligation to support the will of all people to have self determination.  America needs to be on the correct side of history in supporting the will of Northern Africa to be free of non-representative government.  This historic shift in human sentiment requires our firm commitment. Unfortunately, our economic future is tied to energy concerns that have caused our leadership to quietly sit out a movement that will remember our lack of resolve centuries into the future.

America’s history books will forever endear the French, not because they took over our war as another battleground with the English, but because they stood with us at York fending off the British fleet giving Cornwallis no alternative but to surrender to General Washington.  America does not need to defeat Gaddafi and be the arbiter of regime change.  We just need to fend off the overwhelming superiority of his planes with a no fly zone for history to be remembered for our part on the right side of freedom.

When Marquis de Lafayette lost his life during the French Revolution, America was unable to come to his rescue in time. Having remembered his assistance to our revolutionary cause, when the Americans arrived in France in WW I, General Pershing said, “Lafayette, we are here.”

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