Job Voucher Plan Helps Reduce Bureaucracy

Job Voucher Plan Reduces BureaucracyI share most Americans’ concerns that creating bigger bureaucracies to help fix our debt problems is a cure that kills the patient.  A benefit of my job voucher program, ( is that it allows the government to support a program for all Americans to begin working without creating a new bureaucracy.  

The voucher program will be no more difficult to administer than the current unemployment program; in fact much easier. It can be administered by the same state workers that currently administer the unemployment program.  It will actually reduce their workload.  With many less unemployed persons requiring verification of evidence of job seeking, the program will reduce pressures to balloon the bureaucracy further to deal with our much larger unemployed population and the inherent social problems that are being manifested by the long term unemployed.

The job voucher plan simply passes payments that would have gone directly to unemployed persons through businesses, expecting that businesses will use the abilities of our citizens then to spur innovation and productiity.

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